Sand and Soil

Sand is a great natural landscaping material. Different types of sand are used for different reasons. Playground sand, for instance, is (obviously) good for sandboxes, but also volleyball pits and beach themed landscapes. On the other hand, other types of sand can be useful for household construction projects. Mortar sand, for instance, can be used to place between pavers to create a decorative patio. Thinking about getting creative and adding sand to your landscape in a unique way? Talk to us about which sand is best suited for your landscaping needs.

Soil is the foundation of your garden. It is the medium to which your grass, shrubs, trees or vegetables anchor to and what provides your plants with the nutrients and support to survive and thrive for many years. Getting your soil right is therefore a crucial step in your gardening program. 

Burleigh Garden Supplies has specialised in Soils for over 30 Years, so look no further if you're wanting to find the best soil for your gardening or landscaping project.

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