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1" Hoop Pine Mulch

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Hoop Pine 1" Mulch

  • Decorative curly bark mulch
  • Ideal for weather exposed sites
  • Interlocks together providing wind resistance as well as resistance to be washed away
  • Allows for great water penetration and retention while creating a decorative textured tropical look
  • Ideal depth of approximately 75-100mm

Hoop Pine 1" is a traditional landscapers favourite product for heavily wind swept areas or steep embankments.  It is a curly brown product with a rough texture with varying colour from a deep brown to glimpses of deep pinks and reds. Hoop Pine Bark will interlink perfectly to hold on in almost any situation. With a little bit of Hoop fines mixed into the bark it is an ideal product that will keep the weeds at bay, retain moisture and eventually break down and add to your nutrient rich soil.

The product is in strips approximately 1 inch wide " it is a by-product of the timber milling industry, the pine timber is used in building and furniture making and the bark is waste that we convert into a usable garden material.

Price: $90.00m3 Inc GST

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