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What Paver should I choose?

Posted on 11 October 2019
What Paver should I choose?

Choose the right paver style for your project

While Adbri Masonry pavers are suitable for a variety of applications, the truth is that some will perform better in certain applications. Before you get started, here are a few things for you to consider when picking the right paver for your project.

How are you using you pavers - For vehicles or people?

Arguably the most important thing you will need to consider is the type of traffic your pavers will be exposed to, either pedestrian or vehicular. If the project is for vehicular traffic (a driveway for example), the paver will need to be a minimum of 50mm thick and small format, unless you intend to install the pavers on an engineer designed concrete base.


Frequency of use

Consider the location of the pavers and the expected frequency of use. If your pavers are going to be used regularly in a highly visible area of your home like a new entertaining area, it's important to consider a quality solution that will compliment your home. If they are to be used around a pool, it's vital to choose a Euro® range paver as they are the only Adbri pavers suitable for use in saline environments.

Size and shape of the area

The size and shape of the area to be paved is an important consideration for a number of reasons. Firstly, some pavers are well suited to certain spaces as they are easy to work with. As an example, large format pavers can make smaller spaces appear bigger a great design hack!

The shape of the area is also a vital consideration as it may mean that you need some cut pavers this involves the use of a brick saw which requires caution when operating. Paver size choice can reduce the number of cuts you may need (if any) so it is well worth considering. If you aren't comfortable using a brick saw, look at pavers and designs that can reduce the number of cuts you require.

Popular paving patterns

There are a number of different paving patterns you can choose from which can assist you in choosing pavers based on the shape of the paver, i.e. square or rectangular. Some important points to consider when picking a paving pattern are:

  • Some patterns will require cuts (brick saws require caution when operating)
  • 'Stretcherbond' and 'Stackbond' are considered the most DIY friendly as these styles require minimal cutting and leave little wastage
  • On a flexible base (compacted road base and sand), pavers must always be laid with a 3mm gap to avoid the edges from chipping


Finding your desired colour and texture

Another important consideration is the colour and texture you require for your paving. If your paving project is an entertaining area, courtyard or a patio, the colour and texture are important as they will set the scene for the entire area. Consider which paving colour will best compliment your existing space by matching roof tiles, guttering or bricks/render.

You can view our entire paving range HERE - or if you have any questions about your project, get in touch with our team on (07) 5593 7421.



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